Well the first thing that comes to mind if you are looking for products from Comoros would probably be ylang ylang and vanilla products, so I have been trying to find ways for foreigners to go online and buy these.

Having looked for about 3-4 weeks, here is a (very) short list of what I have been able to find


This is a small local business website, aimed just at locals – there are not a whole lot of products available, and I could not find anything made in Comoros. They do not ship to Europe (or anywhere else for that matter), but they do have a sort of chat function and they will respond to enquiries.


Looks a bit like the local version of Amazon 🙂

They actually have a “made in Comoros” section, unfortunately all the sellers appear to be “anonymous”, and even if you register as a customer, it’s impossible to contact anybody. So bottom line, not possible to actually buy anything.

https://www.twamacomores.com/ and https://nun-shop.com/

Both are supposed to be some kind of online shops (local) however the sites are frequently down or just not responding at all. Keep trying and you might get lucky.


This company appears to be selling vanilla, unfortunately they do not respond to requests, so just exactly what they are selling, and if they are willing to ship, is unknown.


This must be the best looking website I have come across so far. Unfortunately they do not respond to requests, there is no price on any products, and it’s unclear whether they will ship.  They appear to have a nice small range of beauty products (such as ylang ylang essential oil) so a shame that apparently, as a foreigner, you can’t  actually buy them!

In general for the sites I found, they look as if they were made ages ago – they are all in French, so aimed purely at locals, they have no (or very little) information about price/shipping cost, many are shown as being “insecure” websites due to missing or expired SSL certificates (more and more online consumers will not like this) and so bottom line : nobody seems to be willing or capable of dealing with customers outside of Comoros.

If you know of any other Comoros websites, drop me a line. I will be happy to promote some of the local businesses, but needless to say, they have to be willing to deal with customers as well 🙂