Mount Karthala

Of the few Comoros Attractions on Grande Comore, the volcano Mount Karthala is impossible not to notice. It rises approximately 2300 meters and is still active with last eruption in 2006.

1 or 2 day treks can be organized but I have not been able to find any website where this can be arranged. Instead, enquire with your accomodation who should be able to help.

Travellers are saying that the hike does require a certain degree of fitness but that it is well worth it.


Capital of Comoros, located approximately 20 km from the airport on Grande Comore.

There are several hotels and restaurants to choose from, just note that some hotels do not allow alcohol on their premises.

It is not a big city (approx. 50.000 people live there) but you will find anything you need for a pleasant enough stay.

If any tour operators exists, this is probably where you can find them. (And if you do, let me know!!)


Moheli is the smallest of the 3 islands that are Comoros. It is located approximately 80 km from Grande Comore and is supposedly the most beautifull of the 3.

The “capital” of the island is Fomboni, located on the northern tip. This is where the airport is, and not too far from where boats from Grande Comore lands.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy on this gorgeous island, here are just a few

  • Diving / snorkeling – see if you can spot a manta!
  • Whale watching (seasonal)
  • Turtle watching
  • Ylang Ylang tour
  • Livingston bat watching (endemic – found nowhere else)

No websites are available but ask your accomodation and they should be able to help organize.

Moheli Marine Park is located down south, approx 40 km from Fomboni (2 hour drive due to road going up/down/left/right constantly.)

Probably the best place to visit in the entire country, with plenty of activities to explore.

This is also where Laka Lodge – the only dive center in the country – is located. Right on the beach with great views over the marine park and its uninhabited islands.