Comoros Accomodation – fairly limited

Generally speaking, Comoros accomodation is fairly limited. There is not a whole lot of places to choose from. On for example, there are very few listings (less than 20) for the entire country!!

Just a few have their own website, and the ones who do, might not have maintained these for years.

Service levels and standards are, in general, well below what you as a “normal” tourist would expect. Accomodations seems to come and go so best to do some research for yourself and see what might turn up. I will just mention 2 places I stayed at myself.

Golden Tulip, Moroni.

Comoros accomodation
Comoros accomodation

It is actually just outside of Moroni and it is supposed to be the national “flagship” when it comes to accomodation. They advertise themselves as a 4 star hotel and spa resort, but 4 star it certainly is not and the spa? well it was eventually finished but they operated at least a year or so without actually having one – minor detail of course – unless you booked because of the “spa”.

They are very proud of their private beach, however there is so much garbage constanly floating ashore, that swimming there – well not for me.

Still, it is probably your best option if you are looking for best as possible accomodation, just know that it is considered by most as heavily overpriced.

There are other hotels in or near Moroni, but be aware that they might not serve alcohol (a fact they conveniently forget to tell you about when you make your reservation, e.g. Retaj Moroni Hotel)

There were, at some point in time, a number of community run small bungalows for rent as well – however it has been impossible to find any information about these for example are they still there, where are they, how do you book etc etc. Anybody with info ? Get in touch.

Laka Lodge, Moheli

Private beach - Laka Lodge, Moheli

At first glance, it might look a bit pricey, however prices are incl. full board, so all in all, not bad at all. The reason they only do full board is that there are no other dining options anywhere nearby, just from the lodge itself. It is fairly simple accomodation but super clean and the staff are wonderfull – the location is to die for, and of course it has the marine park right in front of it.

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