Comoros at a glance
Getting to Comoros

Prior to the current pandemic, travel options to Comoros were:

Kenya Airways – Nairobi to Moroni

Etihad – Addis Abbeba to Moroni

Air Austral – Reunion to Moroni and Anjouan

AB Aviation – Dar es Salaam to Moroni

AB Aviation also has domestic flights between Moroni-Moheli and Moroni-Anjouan.

There is also supposedly an airline called  Int’Air Îles. They do not however have a website, just a facebook page which hasn’t been written on for years, so its unclear whether they actually exist or not.

There are currently no ferry service to Comoros and no official ferry between the islands either.

Visa / entry to Comoros

Most nationalities will be given 30 days visa upon arrival – check this for your nationality though.

Visa fee is EUR 30 or USD 50 (so bring EUR) and must be paid in cash – creditcards are not accepted.

Also, visitors must bring printed confirmation from hotel/hostel confirming they are staying there.

A confirmation on e.g. a phone is no good – it has to be a printed copy.

Also required is a printed copy of your passport which customs will ask for.

When to go / climate

The best time of year to visit the Comoros is between May and November, during the dry season when the climate is cool and relatively dry, while from December to April is hot and humid. The maximum temperature may vary between 31ºC in December and 27ºC in August, while the average minimum vary between 23ºC in February and 19ºC in July.


Comorian Franc, however EUR is widely accepted. USD might also be accepted but do not count on it.

Credit cards

Some (hotels for example) will say they accept cards, but frequently “machine is out of order”. ATM’s are rare, and they too, will often not work.