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Adore Comores – inbound tour operator

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Based in Moroni, Adore Comoros, a new inbound tour operator, is now open for business!

A highly informative website, promises to deliver : Culture, Snorkelling, Hiking, Wildlife, Spices and Perfumes, A bit of everything.

In addition, for those with a bit more time, also to be offered are 1, 2 and 3 island packages.

As mentioned, the Adore Comores website is excellent with a wealth of information, so well worth a visit. There is also a Facebook page here

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Adore Comoros

Here is a quote from the website

In the past, Comoros’ seclusion has made it a difficult destination for visitors to find and experience meaningfully. With few local English speakers, limited information, and challenging infrastructure, only the most adventurous travelers were willing to take a chance and figure it out as they went. Adore Comores is making this special place more accessible and enjoyable, harnessing the experience of our international team members with the commitment and local knowledge of our guides and community partners. We are here to answer your questions, plan and facilitate your island adventure, and help you to fall passionately in love with Comoros, as we have. 

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